Clubhouse is the unexpected new social media platform that has taken the world by storm. From Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk using the prolific app, this new platform may need to get on the radar for all marketers, brand managers, or founders.


Clubhouse is an invite-only audio app that launched in April 2020. By May 2020, just a mere month after, it was valued at nearly $100million with 10million users. It allows people to make audio group chats, with up to 2 speakers, based on their work, industry, and hobbies. People from all over the world can then join these discussions and interview, akin to a podcast. However, the heightened sense of exclusivity gives it an extra flair of allure as many celebrities, high-profile investors and CEOs have hopped upon the Clubhouse train.

Clubhouse is a lot more ‘private’ in the sense that it is an exclusive voice communication app. People are unable to screenshot and circulate images that can stay on the internet forever and cannot record conversations.

As discussions are not recorded, the people who engage with you must be very interested in what you are saying. Clubhouse is the perfect app to connect you to people who can elevate your business – whether it be potential clients, collaborations, or general brand awareness.

Ultimately, Clubhouse groups like-minded people to come together and create meaningful and authentic networks that could bolster your business. This idea of authenticity is key to Clubhouse as it allows people to tune into the insight of real-life people with genuine conversation that is not saturated with filters.


In particular, this platform would be useful to the businesses who are looking to promote their personal story, or the story behind a brand, as opposed to a hard sell.

It could be particularly useful to speakers and authors to consolidate their position as a thought-leader. It is an opportunity for people to converse freely and create authentic relationships that provide insight that would otherwise not be possible in real life. This could help potentially change someone’s life and provides a sense of fulfilment that social media/traditional platforms cannot facilitate.

Currently it is mainly used by industry experts and would be best suited for more companies that are looking to mature and elevate their brand image to the next level. Now is the best time for budding entrepreneurs, businesses, speakers, and authors to jump on the Clubhouse train and to capitalise on this growing trend as it is still in the beginning stages of growth compared to other platforms.


For now, it is an invite-only platform however it’s predicted that the app will open up to the general public in the coming months. Every smart marketer will stay ahead of the curve and observe opportunities for success, something that is evident with the potential of Clubhouse. The very people who influence the success of products – celebrities, CEOs, and influencers – have deemed it as the next it app and we should follow these trends.

Intern Agent Danica