With the rise of social media and online platforms, it seems like anyone can claim to be an ‘expert’ these days. We are bombarded with content from the latest fitness expert who says they can help us lose 10kg in a matter of weeks, or the entrepreneur that can make us millions in months. It seems credibility isn’t important and it’s often hard to sift through all the duds to find the thought leaders we really want to listen to, those that inspire, educate, and evoke change.

So, to help makes this job easier, we’ve created a list of Agent99’s Best Thought Leadership Campaigns of the Past Year.

Deloitte Women at Work Survey
Now in its second year, Deloitte’s ground-breaking Women @ Work campaign aims to better understand how women’s experiences in the workplace impact their engagement and career progression. Building on its first award-winning 2021 campaign, the insights cover alarming levels of burnout and stress, the switch to hybrid working, and the continued rise of harassment and microaggression. I think this is one of the best thought leadership campaigns of the past year as it is shining a light on a global issue to ignite change.

The organisation surveyed 5,000 women across 10 countries worldwide to get their first-hand views. The findings of this research show the challenges that exist for employers—but they also show the positive impact of those organisations that are getting it. The key findings of the report were included on an insight-rich landing page and were featured on its very own podcast episode starring the firm’s global inclusion leader Emma Codd and FT Longitude’s Managing Editor, Hannah Freegard. The campaign continues to gain media attention, with high-profile features in the Financial TimesForbes and The World Economic Forum to date.

Lloyd Edge – ‘Buy Now’ campaign

Lloyd Edge is one of Australia’s best-known buyer’s agents and property investors, and is the author of best-selling book Positively Geared. In 2022 Agent99 worked with Lloyd, who launched his new book Buy Now, with simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand advice to help people not only enter the property market, but to launch and grow their own portfolio.

To gain media attention and grow his authority, we shared his insights and tips from his book with the media over several months and received more than 200 mentions across mainstream publications. This included advice on how much you need to save to buy a house, how to invest like a pro as well as case studies. His useful and topical advice helped to cement him as one of the leading voices in property investing and make our list as one of the best thought leadership campaigns of the past year.

Articles were secured across top-tier titles including realestate.com.au, news.com.au, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Morning Show, Sky News and Studio 10. Traffic to the company’s website increased by 50% and the campaign reached more than 900 million.

Telstra Talking Loneliness

The Telstra campaign addressed the growing issue of loneliness in Australia after its Talking Loneliness report revealed 44% of Australians regularly feel lonely, and nine in ten have experienced loneliness, with half (48%) too embarrassed to admit it.

To help start the conversation, Telstra released a video series featuring nine real Australians sharing their own stories of loneliness and created a dedicated online hub with resources and support tools including tips and videos. The campaign received widespread media coverage and won the best thought leadership campaign at the Gold Target Awards in 2022. I chose this campaign as one of the best thought leadership campaigns of the past year as it started a conversation on a topic that is rarely spoken about and created tangible tools to help those affected.

Donna McGeorge – The 1-Day Refund

Last year, Agent99 worked with Donna McGeorge, best-selling author and time management expert to launch her book The 1-Day Refund. The book shows you how to recover an extra 15 percent of your time―10 minutes per hour, 1 hour per day or a full day each week―to think, breathe, live and work. Agent99 profiled Donna as a productivity thought-leader, drawing upon her decades of experience and expertise.

The campaign included distributing several media releases offering tips and advice as well as gifting the book to key media titles. The digestible media angles included tips on how to be more productive, warning signs you are about to blow a fuse and how to get a 1-day refund per week. The campaign secured extensive media coverage in publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Mamamia, The Age and CEO Magazine, an organic reach of 50 million and an increase in website traffic. Donna’s savvy tips and media presence secured her a place in our best thought leadership campaigns of the past year.

Albanese + Labour Government Winning 2022 Election

It’s no surprise that Anthony Albanese and Labour’s win at the 2022 election made the cut as one of the best thought leadership campaigns of the past year, given Australia has been a liberal nation for the last decade.

Labour Government’s strategic judgment to focus on Scott Morrison’s shortcomings, given his drop of popularity over the last few years as well as campaigning hard on cheaper childcare, gender equity, wages, better aged care services, climate change, infrastructure and anti-corruption were pivotal to their win. Their campaign and change in public opinion were impressive to say the least. 

So, what did you think of this year’s best thought leadership campaigns?

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