Monopoly may be the world’s most popular board game in the world, but do you have a horror story or two while playing it? It may have involved a board being flipped, paper money flying everywhere and a sibling storming off in tears. Just me? Monopoly will celebrate its 87th anniversary this year, yet it’s still the game that most families reach for when hosting a games night. 

This month, we had the absolute pleasure in helping our client, Winning Moves (the makers of licensed Monopoly editions), launch the official Wagga Wagga Monopoly. Locals and tourists alike can now play their favourite game in a way that immortalises Wagga, its rich history and landmarks.

Although the official launch of Wagga Monopoly was held in April 2022, our involvement as their PR agency with this specific campaign began in June 2021, when we announced its imminent arrival. All major media in Wagga covered this announcement, including The Daily Advertiser, Prime 7 News, HitFM, Triple M and more. As it was widely covered, the locals were aware and Winning Moves could start involving them in the process.

Over the coming months, Winning Moves worked closely with local Wagga businesses, residents and the council to decide on the squares that would be included on the board. Once finalised, it was time for us to formulate a killer strategy that generated excitement and buzz for this highly anticipated launch.

This brings us to March 2022, where the second leg of the campaign commenced. To ensure no locations were leaked ahead of launch day, we invited local media and influencers to the consumer launch event, without giving away too much information. Ah, the secrecy, isn’t PR exciting?

Alongside this, we wrote an embargoed launch press release, outlining all the finer details and squares. To boost credibility, we sought a quote from the local Mayor – Dallas Tout. He gave a glowing tick of approval and promised his attendance at the launch event. This was sent to media the day before the embargo lifted, so they weren’t tempted to spill the beans. To boost coverage, we gave Wagga’s major newspaper, The Daily Advertiser, the exclusive to reveal the two brown squares a day before the embargo, while encouraging readers to attend the launch event.

On launch day, Winning Moves hosted a public launch event at much-loved Wagga Wagga Showground. Locals were invited to meet Mr Monopoly, throw the dice on the giant Monopoly board, and get their hands on the boards. The two local radio stations, HitFM and Triple M were present, and Hit FM even broadcasted their whole show from the launch. Alongside this, there were several food trucks and stalls, to keep the crowds happy. One stall was even selling Monopoly money shaped cookies!

We had every major media outlet attend and conduct interviews with our spokesperson, Michael Counsell, and the Mayor. We especially loved the TV exposure we secured with WIN News and Prime 7. There were some incredible visuals, with families playing with the giant board and dice, and giant photos of the squares, which included Lake Albert, Wagga Beach, Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens, Sturt Mall and the Museum of Riverina.

So, did this excitement convert into genuine results? It sure did. We secured over 20 editorial pieces, and 4.4 million Australians were reached throughout the campaign. Outlets included The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Advertiser, WIN News and Prime 7. We also garnered some excellent social media results, with 4 posts and 13 stories secured via journalists and social media influencers. And most importantly, it had huge business impact with stock almost selling out on launch day, with many retailers re-ordering!

Events are such an exciting part of public relations, as people come together to share a unique and memorable experience. And boy was this a fun event! If you’re looking to host your next event, whether it is for a launch or brand awareness, please get in touch with us if you would like assistance.

Agent Amelia