Influencer marketing is an online marketing approach that uses individuals with a large following on a dedicated platform to endorse or promote products and events. Influencers are people who have a dedicated following on various social media platforms who are considered experts or ‘influential’ within a particular category or niche. Influencer marketing and PR can often work hand in hand, yet both have their own benefits.

Influencer marketing is both beneficial and effective as it allows brands to reach target audiences across multiple platforms including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, TV and so forth and speak directly to a highly engaged audience. This works, as followers trust their chosen influencers and take on board their recommendations, either directly or indirectly. However, this form of marketing is also highly beneficial to the influencer, as it helps boost their credibility and following, as well as allows them to collaborate with brands that they are genuinely passionate about.

To attain a thorough understanding of how influencer marketing works, we first need to work through some more in-depth definitions.

What is an influencer?
With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, the term ‘influencer’ has grown exponentially over the past 10-15 years. Influencers are exactly what their names suggests – they influence people and use their platforms to help connect with relevant audiences. In recent years, the term influencer has developed into other sects, including ‘content creator,’ ‘YouTuber,’ ‘TikTokker’ etc. however their core objective is the same – to find unique ways to build relevance and influence people within a particular demographic. Some influencers may specialize in makeup and beauty, others in fashion, music, art, comedy, gaming and so on. Influencers typically have large ‘followings’ of over a few thousand people who engage with them and their content regularly.

What is influencer content?  
Anything that an influencer creates, whether it is video, imagery, recipes or challenges, are all content. Therefore, influencer marketing typically involves them utilizing your product/service and turning it into a piece of content that can be shared on their platforms. The success and impact of this content can be measured through engagement, likes, shares, comments and so on. Most influencer marketing campaigns allow brands to approve all content before it gets published, meaning it can align with your brand messaging and tone.

If you want to pursue influencer marketing, you should first be able to determine who your target audience is, and who they are influenced by. This will help guide you as you find the right influencers to approach. Some other considerations are: budget, following/reach, brand fit, and who their audience demographic is.

It is important to remember that every influencer is different, and one-size does not fit all. To reap the benefits of influencer marketing, tailor your approach to each influencer and research their online personality to determine whether their purpose aligns with the brand’s and that the partnership is a natural fit. For example, if you are a health brand partnering with an influencer who regularly posted alcohol products likely isn’t the best fit, and could open both the brand and influencer up to scrutiny.

At the end of the day, influencer marketing is transactional, however highly beneficial as these influencers can reach audiences that otherwise might not have been accessible through your own means.

If you’re sitting back and rolling your eyes, thinking you’d never take Kim Kardashian’s advice on what to wear, you would be missing the point. With influencers, particularly on a global scale, one mention from someone like a Kardashian can make products sell-out in 24 hours, or send stocks plummeting by over $1 billion (both of which, happened!)

So, while influencer marketing is no longer a little-known secret, brands should not underplay how beneficial they can be to business awareness, growth and consideration.

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By Agents Arianna & Emilie