Whilst working at a PR Agency is incredibly fun and rewarding, it is still very important to have things in our routines to keep us grounded and can be activities that we look forward to, in order to break up the humdrum of the everyday 9-5.

So this week, we’re focussing on how having a balance of hobbies and extra-curriculars in your routine can contribute to your overall wellness and ensure you are your best-self, across all aspects of your life.

So, first up. Why am I the best person to teach you about hobbies and extra-curriculars?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Short answer? Because, I have a million of them.

Long answer? When I don’t have hobbies or extra-curriculars in my life, I genuinely feel incomplete. Part of why I love waking up each day, is my obsession to fill every minute of it with as much as I can. I genuinely hate sleeping because it’s wasted time! I see so much value in the role that activities outside of work at a PR Agency have on my wellbeing, as it keeps me learning new skills, builds positive relationships with others, and keeps my mind engaged.

So, while the Agent99 team probably think I’m a special type of lunatic who comes to them each week with a new activity like learning Spanish, participating in another musical production, volunteering at my church or going to singing lessons (yes, all are on the go right now), I’m here to showcase why hobbies and extra-curriculars can have a massive impact on you for the better!


First up, it’s important to define hobbies. Hobbies are essentially anything you do in your leisure time that brings you joy. However, within that, there are ‘healthy’ hobbies and there are ‘unhealthy’ hobbies.

While there is no shame in binge-watching The Last of Us or Ted Lasso (new season finally dropped this week, hallelujah), spending your down-time continually glued to your TV screen or TikTok feed can be bad for your health and affect your sleep, mood and energy levels. This is what I would call an unhealthy hobby. Consistent time spent fuelling unhealthy hobbies can accumulate and perpetuate habitual cycles that are detrimental to your health in the long run, such as chronic pain, insufficient exercise, unhealthy weight gain and poorer mental health.

On the flip side, I would say a healthy hobby is something that challenges you to unwind from the day and will actually improve your wellbeing, not detract from it. This could include reading, joining a gym class, doing something artistic or even volunteering for a charity/community group. Activities that challenge your mind and set you up to be your best self. The key is finding something you love or are passionate about and tapping into this. 


Spending time developing hobbies or extra-curricular activities can certainly improve your mental health and wellbeing. Studies have found that people who adopt healthy hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood and anxiety/depression. Hobbies lead to wider relaxation and fulfilment, and especially if you are doing something group-oriented, can sharpen your communication skills and strengthen relationships.


Many of you might be reading this and thinking ‘Geez Em, not all of us have your ridiculous Type A energy.’ In fact, my colleague Louise recently presented a PowerPoint on which dog breed each of the Agent99 Team members would be…and I got nominated as a poodle because they are so active and never stop moving (and they bark if ignored), but that’s totally not reflective of me at all. Absolutely not. Let’s move on.

Many of us finish long days of work and all we want to do is put our feet up and relax watching a movie with a glass of wine. #SAME. The thought of heading back out to a local game of Oz-Tag sounds like literal hell on earth. But stay with me, because in reality, even adding one-night a week of extra-curricular activity can have a noticeable impact on your wellbeing.

So, my encouragement would be start small and simple. Start by asking yourself these questions (I’ve given you some guidance):

  • What do I love to do / what am I interested in?  i.e. painting
  • How can I add that into my routine in the most basic way possible? Maybe purchase a paint by numbers kit that I can do at my kitchen table.
  • What ways can I ensure this hobby keeps me offline as much as it can? Instead of having the TV on in the background while I paint, I can put some gentle music / podcast on that I enjoy.
  • How frequently can I add this to my routine for the moment? (Set yourself a SMART goal so you stick to it) – minimum 2 nights a week I need to paint and switch off for an hour.

If you can have the confidence to take up a hobby, whether it’s artistic, sporty, educational or humanitarian, chances are you will find yourself not only feeling happier and healthier, but maybe even developing hidden skills you never knew you had!

The Agent99 team loves their hobbies, so we thought we’d share a snapshot with you on what we love to do:

  • Emilie (me!): Community Theatre
  • Louise: Teaches Yoga Classes
  • Eva: Goes for Runs
  • Meriha: Reads! So much! Need a book reco? Hit her up.
  • Sharon: Walks on the beach
  • Kathleen: Doing spin classes on her Peloton or seeing live-theatre!
  • Claire: Book Club.

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