With our team rapidly growing, and so many wonderful people joining the Agent99 family, our new blog series will introduce you to our team members and give you an insight into who they are, what they do, and a little bit about some of their hidden talents!  Hope you enjoy meeting each and every one of them.

Spotlight: Louise Cargo, Associate Director at Agent99 PR

I’m Louise Cargo, one of the newest members of the Agent99 team and I am an Associate Director. I’m originally from Ireland and moved here 16 years ago. I have been in the PR industry for 20 years and have had several PR jobs in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In my role with Agent99, I work with the team across several clients, helping with the overall strategy, providing senior counsel and  overseeing campaigns from start to finish. I also work with the founder Sharon to grow the business and work on new business opportunities.

1. As someone originally from Ireland, what was the main thing that attracted you to come work in Australia?

It was always a dream of mine to spend time in Australia. We grew up watching Home and Away and Neighbours and it always seemed like the perfect lifestyle. After completing my Masters in PR, I worked for a few years at a PR job at a bank in Dublin, saving money for the big trip. I took a seven-month career break, with all intentions of going back once I had explored the country. After travelling around for six months I took a PR job at an agency for the last month and they ended up sponsoring me. One of my first jobs was organising a media launch in the Great Barrier Reef, this made the decision to stay much easier.

2. What was the biggest PR crisis you ever had to manage?

Luckily I haven’t experienced anything too serious, however, in a previous role a journalist from a Sunday newspaper would call regularly on a Friday afternoon around 4pm with a suspected crisis. I would always let the journalist know I would get back to them with a response. I would then spend the rest of the evening investigating everything, speaking with the right people internally, drafting a response and getting it approved. I still think the journalist would contact me last minute on a Friday to make my day that little bit harder 😊

3. Europe Vs. Australia – who does PR better in your opinion?

I am always inspired by the campaigns coming out of London. I have never worked there personally, but from what I have heard from peers, it’s more fast-paced, the media landscape is larger and the budgets are usually bigger to do cool creative ideas.

4. We hear you have some side gigs/hobbies…do tell!

I’m passionate about health and wellness and completed my yoga teacher training a few years ago. I now teach classes and workshops on the side. I do have a few hobbies and love to keep active by walking, swimming and doing pilates or yoga. To fulfill my creative side I have just finished a pottery course and I am teaching myself the ukulele. 

5. You have worked remotely for many years; what are your best productivity tips for staying motivated while working from home?

I always start my day with a good morning routine to set me up for success. This involves meditation, some form of exercise and hot water and lemon. I find it less distracting working from home and keep my day quite structured to make sure I make it through all my tasks. I try to get out to stretch my legs and get some fresh air at lunch and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I also like to check in with the team regularly to stay connected and offer support where I can. 

We are always on the hunt for amazing talented people to join our PR team! We love passionate, honest, driven people, who really care about creating an impact for our clients! To apply, please visit our careers page and drop us a line for a confidential chat!

Agent Louise